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The 2019 Melbourne Jamboree drag racing program will feature 12 classes. To see an overview of the Classes click HERE. For detailed class rules click on the RACE CLASSES menu button at the top of the page.

Factory Xtreme, Pro Mod, Pro Turbo, Pro Compact, Pro 289, J275, J315 will race heads up with a Pro Tree Start and will run Chicago Shootout race format with a 16 to 6 car field. Modified 10.5 using a Full Tree and will run a Chicago Shootout race formate with a 16 to 6 car field. Street Compact, All Motor, Street 289, Modified Compact & Extreme will race on a Dial Your Own Handicap system in Elimination Style racing. We hope to have time for other grudge runs throughout the event for racers eliminated early but this will be subject to time constraints.


Drag Racing at the Melbourne Jamboree is Pre-Entry only.  To enter online click the following link


Option 1 - Street Entry - Inc Driver entry, 1 Crew pass & 1 pass.

Option 1 - Pre-entry before 6pm, Oct 9th - $TBA
Option 1 - Pre-entry before 6pm, Oct 23rd - $TBA
Option 1 - Pre-entry before 6pm, Nov 6th - $TBA

Option 2 - Competition Entry - Inc Driver entry, 3 Crew passes & 2 car passes.

Option 1 - Pre-entry before 6pm, Oct 9th - $TBA
Option 1 - Pre-entry before 6pm, Oct 23rd - $TBA
Option 1 - Pre-entry before 6pm, Nov 6th - $TBA

Racer discount passes - $TBA - (Maximum of 5, pre-purchase with entry only) NOTE: THESE ARE NOT CREW PASSES, JUST DISCOUNTED GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS!

Extra Crew passes - $TBA (Maximum of 2 additional with each drag racing entry)

If any driver wishing to compete at the Melbourne Jamboree is under the age of 18, it is suggested that you contact Jamboree via as your Parent or Guardian will need to fill in the Consent Form.

PRE-ENTRIES CLOSE NOVEMBER 6TH AT 6PM. A $500 late entry fee applies after the above date.


Click HERE for event Sup Regs.


The Melbourne Jamboree is open to All 3, 4, 5 Cylinder, Rotary and OHC* 6 Cylinder vehicles. [*Over Head Cam] & EFI Turbo V8’s are permitted in the Pro Mod, Extreme 10.5 & Extreme classes only but must run 9.50sec or quicker. Any body style, make or year are accepted as long as you’re running any of the above engines.


To race at the Melbourne Jamboree, you require the minimum of the following: -

  1. You must hold or have held an Australian drivers licence.
  2. A roadworthy vehicle meeting all class requirements.
  3. An approved crash helmet meeting AS/NZS1698 or AS/NZS1698:2006 that displays a manufacture date no older than 10 years as a minimum is required for all drivers of registered cars that are slower than 9.00sec. All vehicles 9.00sec and quicker refer ANDRA Regulations. If you are unsure contact Jamboree via
  4. Long sleeve shirt or jacket.
  5. Long pants.
  6. Covered shoes.
  7. If you have a street car that runs less than 10.50sec hit the following link for regulations you'll need to meet. All vehicles running 10.50sec or quicker will require an ANDRA Licence & technical inspection.
  8. Other safety equipment may be required depending on the performance of your vehicle. Please consult the ANDRA General Regulations for full details.


The Melbourne Jamboree is an ANDRA Sanctioned event. ALL vehicles racing must comply with ANDRA safety rules. If your vehicle does not comply with the ANDRA rules you will NOT be allowed to race.


ANDRA Licence or Identification must be presented to collect passes at the gate. Entrant must make own arrangements for distribution of passes.

Note: Using passes and not racing will result in a request for balance of true value of passes, prior to further acceptance of future event entry.

Armbands: Armbands will only be issued in exchange for a (competitor or crew) pass. The total maximum number of passes issued by The Jamboree AUS Pty Ltd for that class or bracket is the maximum number of armbands permitted. All competitors must read, accept and sign the ANDRA Indemnity Statement to receive an armband.

All drivers/crew must display the relevant armband at all times.


Swan Hill Dragway uses the ANDRA Competitor Audit System (CAS). The Competitor Audit System requires that all Competitors accept responsibility for compliance with safety and classification regulations relevant to their vehicle, prior to the event. The main advantage of this program from a competitor point of view is that it will significantly reduce the time you spend in the Scrutineering Bay. Once you have entered your vehicle you will receive Competitor Information & Declaration Forms that will explain the system and it’s requirements. All non-ANDRA licence holders must still present their vehicle at scrutineering so there allocated race number can be put on their window.


The Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) is pleased to announce the continuation of the event licence trial initially released in April 2018.

Consideration of feedback to the ANDRA board from a number of clubs, venues and members has seen a review of the process and an update to paperwork and requirements.

This update and continuation of the single event licence allows racers to compete at events at ANDRA member venues without having to hold a full ANDRA licence.

The event licence can you used in place of an unlimited group 2 or 3 licence or a Group 1 licence.Event licences cost $50.00 and racers must be a full ANDRA member (single event licence and full membership can now be purchased together for $150.00) and hold a current ANDRA (or equivalent) medical clearance (other sanctioning body medicals will be accepted by ANDRA) to be eligible.

Vehicles will continue to require an ANDRA technical inspection to be raced under an event licence, however ANDRA will not require the competitor to purchase or hold an ANDRA logbook ($79 savings). ANDRA reserves the right to disallow any vehicle not compliant with ANDRA regulations and policies.

Single Event Licences may only be purchased twice in a calendar year. There will be no geographical restrictions.

Applications must be made through the ANDRA office at least 72 hours prior to an event, to allow enough time to ensure all medicals and provisions on the licence are in order. There will be an additional time requirement as outlined on the form for applications with removable rollcages. Single Event Licence applications will NOT be accepted on the day of an event.

Single event licence forms are available here or by contacting Updated event licences will be able to be used at ANDRA sanctioned events after the 11th April 2019.

Kylie Hazelhurst
Membership and Licencing Officer

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