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Date: 25/09/11

The new and improved is ready to roll for the Brisbane Jamboree this weekend Oct 1 & 2.

Brisbane Jamboree will be streamed live on the Internet where Drag Racing fans from 38 different countries can log in to watch live racing action. A state of the art fibre optic streaming system, comprising four separate cameras along the Quarter Mile.

There will be a 100km exclusion zone for the Willowbank Raceway pocket, if you live within this zone, your only opportunity to catch the action is to attend Brisbane Jamboree and soak up the atmosphere in person.

For those outside the exclusion zone we've added an "Event Chat" section below the Stream where you can chat with other viewers of the event in real-time and share your thoughts. Keep them clean people or you'll be booted off with no refund. We'll also included the race schedule so you can see what's coming next, please remember that this is live Racing action so accidents may cause minor delays to the programmed schedule. The streaming quality has also been improved giving you much crisper viewing experience.

We have 190 of Australia's best Sport Compact vehicles hitting the track and with you won't miss any of the action.

Qualifying from 9.30am to 5.30pm on Saturday, and racing on Sunday from 9.30am also. Scheduled finish is 4.30pm. Visit the website, where you can pre-register and on Saturday or Sunday rd access live streaming for just $5 per day!

For more information on the Brisbane Jamboree please visit