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Date: 20/09/13

Those that don’t know rotaries well enough would argue that the widely-misreported reliability issues the engines have a reputation for would make them an odd choice for the budding drag racer, however since 1990 Archie Kajewski has been proving that Mazda’s trademark triangular trickery isn’t just a competitive engine choice, it’s a record-setter.

Mazfix have an association with Australian drag racing that stretches back in to the dusty chronicles of time. In fact, it was almost ten years ago that Mazfix put Australian rotary performance on the map by building the country’s first 6-second rotary-powered drag car, as well as being the World’s first 200mph rotary!

To this day the Mazfix workshop is dedicated to Mazda rotary engine performance and pride themselves on their extensive engine development, research and their range of bespoke performance products to suit the engines.
It’s obvious that performance is important to Archie and the team and it’s with this in mind that they invest themselves heavily in hardcore drag racing, being avid campaigners for (as well as incredibly competitive entrants in) the Factory Extreme class.

In 2013 they join the Jamboree event as sponsors of the Mazfix Modified 10.5 bracket, which brings spectators all the thrills and white-knuckle line ups that you’ve come to expect from Jambo’ on a relatively tiny 10.5W tyre.

Introducing a control element like a maximum tyre width levels the playing field amongst competitors and puts drivers to the test as they try and harness gargantuan power outputs through rubber that measures less than 30cm wide!

For more information on the Mazfix Modified 10.5 bracket visit or to learn more about Mazfix, visit