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Date: 25/5/09

The Sport Compact Group is proud to announce an agreement with Express Media Group that will see Fast Fours & Rotaries Magazine back as naming rights sponsor for the Jamboree in 2009.

Fast Fours & Rotaries is the most respected modified four cylinder, rotary and high-tech performance magazine in Australia. Having spanned for over 20 years and being the longest running title in the country, Fast Fours & Rotaries is dedicated to being on the ground with its readers and being active within the ever changing modifying culture. Reporting from the scene rather than on the scene; FF&R is a performance title by the people, for the people.  
Fast Fours & Rotaries makes up a part of Australia’s largest independent motoring publisher; Express Media Group (EMG), who not only showcase the largest range of motoring titles in Australia but are responsible for over 100,000 performance magazine sales per month.

The team at Fast Fours & Rotaries is devoted to maintaining the title’s position as the only magazine four cylinder, rotary and high tech performance car enthusiasts will ever require. Despite a momentary absence as headlining sponsor there has been no doubt in the minds of enthusiasts that the term ‘Jamboree’ has been, is, and always will be synonymous with Fast Fours & Rotaries Magazine. Together FF&R and Jamboree have spent close to the past two decades shaping the modified street and drag racing scene as Australia knows it, and at last 2009 brings about the official partnership again with the 2009 Fast Fours & Rotaries Jamboree.

This partnership will see increase advertising and media support through the Fast Fours & Rotaries and Boost magazine titles. More details on the Fast Fours & Rotaries Jamboree will be available in the coming weeks at when entries will be open.