$3000 street car boost on offer thanks to Garrett Advancing Motion Turbochargers

Garrett Advancing Motion is not only the Official Naming Rights for the 2024 Jamboree Series but is also offering a fantastic contingency prize at each of the three events, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

The prize is a Garrett Turbocharger to the retail value of $3000 (at each of the three series events) and the competition is open to all competitors in the Street Compact, Street 289, Modified Compact, Modified 10.5 and J275 racing categories combined.

The winner must be running a Garrett Turbocharger at the event (as verified by a Garrett representative at the conclusion of the event), together with an unaltered Garrett decal (available from Jamboree Officials on race day) clearly displayed on each side of the race vehicle in order for the prize to be claimed.

The prize winner will be the event winner of one of the following race categories; Street Compact, Street 289, Modified Compact, Modified 10.5 & J275. The single prize winner will be that category winner with the fastest reaction time recorded during racing (eliminations). The winner must present their timecard to verify the time recorded. In the event of their being two or more category winners whose best recorded reaction times in racing are identical, the entrant who recorded that reaction time first will be declared the winner.