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Date: 3/09/11

The Street Grudge Class is a new class we've just added to the Jamboree lineup for registered Street Cars with radial tyres only.

Street Grudge is a class where anyone can get on the track and have a go. There are no winners, no looser's, no prize money, no dial in's and no pressure. It's about getting out there and having some fun and seeing what your car can do down the 1/4 mile.

If you are a first timer, not interested in competition, or don't want the pressure of being knocked out 1st round, then Street Grudge is the class for you. Street Grudge will be run just like a Test N Tune event, with both cars leaving at the same time. You get 3 runs on Saturday and at least 3 runs on Sunday. Depending on the number of entries you may get more runs on Sunday.

Click on the Brisbane Jamboree Drag Racing page to see what you'll need to run your car down the Willowbank 1/4 mile. Street Grudge is open to all 4, 5 Cylinder, Rotary and OHC* 6 Cylinder vehicles. [*Over Head Cam]

Street Grudge entry cost is $100 which gets the driver and a mate in for the whole weekend.

If you've never been down the 1/4 mile and are a bit unsure about the whole thing, have a read of the 'Go Drag Racing' brochure HERE. If you have any questions feel free to give Ray a call on 0411 756 000.

To enter click on the link below.