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Date: 21/02/14

One of the country’s leading innovators in precision engineered high-performance products, Turbosmart, have renewed their association with Jamboree in 2014 and have sponsored the Street Compact class for the Sydney event, coming up on March 15, 2014.

“Turbosmart are such a great fit for our event given the huge range of parts they supply for turbocharged, forced induction and high performance cars. Plus, like us, they’re proudly Australian,” says Ray Box, organiser and promoter of the Jamboree events.

“It’s great to have the support of a quality brand like Turbosmart – we strive for world-class racing on world-class tracks and we expose Australian racing to an international audience, and similarly Turbosmart are developing world-class products right here in Australia, and shining a spotlight on the Australian aftermarket. The association is just so natural.”

The Turbosmart Street Compact class is a field full of street-oriented cars – full-bodied, running 11.00sec or slower, using production-based engines. It’s an incredibly relatable class full of real-world cars that are just as at home on the street as they are the track. We sat down with Turbosmart’s Marketing Manager for a quick Q&A on why the relationship between Turbosmart and Jamboree:

Why does Turbosmart continue to align itself with Jamboree?

Jamboree embodies the same passion for racing that Turbosmart was founded on. We both started from humble beginnings, and driven only by a love for racing, we've grown to the point where we are breaking world records! Right here in Australia - Our own backyard. That is something very special. 

Why did you choose to get behind the Street Compact Bracket?

The street is where it is at! The innovation, technology and engineering we put in to helping win races and break world records at an elite level, is the same innovation, technology and engineering we make available to you, for your street car. We don't believe in making hero products for the privileged few. Every rev-head out there deserves to feel the pride of having a great looking, sounding, and performing car. We want you feel that pride. It is what drives us to keep doing what we do.

How important is drag racing in the testing and development of Turbosmart’s product line up?

Drag racing is extremely important to the testing and development of Turbosmart products. Much of our current product range has been developed to answer the needs of drag racers that push the mechanical limits of their cars to, and often beyond, breaking point. Our new High Pressure Wastegates, for example, were born from a direct request of one of Australia's top drag racers.

Drag racing requires top quality parts. What advice have you got for those risking the performance and health of their vehicle with inferior quality parts?

Don't do it! You might think you're saving money now, but sooner rather than later that cheap part will fail. And when it does, it will take other parts out with it, leaving you with an expensive rebuild. All the time, effort and money you put into your pride and joy could be wasted because of a single dodgy part.
Worse still, any failure on a race track puts both you and other racers at risk of serious injury. You don't want to be responsible for something like that. So, as the old saying goes, "Do it once, do it right". 

Turbosmart is the true Australian success story, taking Aussie innovation and parts to the world. Elaborate on the brand’s expansion plans for those who might not know:

World Domination...  I'm not joking!

We started with two products being made in a shed, and we're now a well-known brand, not only here in Australia, but also overseas. The USA is the home of Drag Racing, and we are certainly taking the fight to the Yanks on their home turf.

Turbosmart USA has been so successful that we've recently had to move to a huge new facility in Southern California - one of several such moves in the last few years. We'll also be officially announcing our sponsorship of some truly big-name US drag racers later this year - guys who not only compete in events like Drag Week, but take home some serious silverware. This is just a small indication of how much a part of the US scene we are now.
We are also making headway into Europe. Not only is our product range growing to suit more European cars, but we are very excited to announce that we now have a dedicated Turbosmart warehousing facility in Poland, making Turbosmart parts more accessible than ever before for our European friends. I can't elaborate on our future plans at the moment, but I'll tell you one thing: don't expect us to rest here... 

What presence can we expect from Turbosmart at the Sydney event?

Turbosmart will be out in force at the Sydney event. We believe in providing the best technical and engineering support possible to the race entrants, whether they are using our product or not, so expect to see plenty of Turbosmart shirts in the pit area and under car hoods. 

Any new products dropping in 2014 that our fans will love?

So many! We're always innovating, so we definitely have some brilliant new parts on the way. One product we were very proud to unveil at the PRI show in Indianapolis last year, and will be releasing to the market very soon, is the game changing 120PSI eBoost2.

No, that's not a typo!

Our extremely popular, and capable eBoost2 electronic boost controller, will soon be able to manage up to 120 pounds of boost, and will be a perfect match for our new High Pressure Wastegates, which have a base spring pressure of 35PSI. These two parts in particular have been developed to give drag racers an advantage on the track.

Also, our new Big Bubba Blow-off valves are some of the largest we've ever made, and provide both atmospheric and plumb-back venting solutions for big, high power engine applications. Plus, our ever expanding range of VAG and Kompact Shortie, turbo comp-cover style BOVs, and our Internal Wastegate actuators - which now fit more vehicles than ever before - means there is now a Turbosmart product for just about any application you can think of.
2014 is turning out to be a great year! 

For more information on the Turbosmart range visit, or seek out the crew in their Turbosmart outfits at Sydney Jamboree 15 March, 2014 at Sydney Dragway.