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Date: 21/02/14

In early 2014 Sports Compact Group underwent the most extensive market research campaign it has ever embarked on, in an effort to learn more about entrants, spectators and its flagship Jamboree drag racing event in general.

As well as a slew of format changes that are being steadily unveiled in the lead up to the 2014 Sydney and Brisbane events, the research revealed that Jambo’ fans wanted to return the event to it’s four-wheeled origins.

“We introduced the bike classes to Jamboree way back in 2006. We thought Sports Bike would be a good addition to the event and it would give the ‘No Bar’ guys a place to grow.  At that time there was some great support for the turbo No Bar bikes, and over the years there has been some amazing racing and unforgettable performances,” said Ray Box in a release to Sports Bike entrants, both past and present.

“Unfortunately, the brackets haven't grown over this time and despite passionate support from many diehard entrants, competitor numbers and spectator engagement continue to wane. As a result of the feedback received we have made the decision to retire the Sports Bike and Pro Sports Bike brackets from future Jamboree events, effective from the Sydney 2014 event.”

The decision impacts many dedicated racers and feedback thus far has been varied. While the loss of the class will no doubt be felt at the upcoming Sydney event, the result moving forward will be more track time for other entrants, and the freedom to change the event’s schedule to one that’s more action-packed and spectator friendly.

Sports Company Group would like to thank all Sports Bike entrants who have supported the event over the years, and wish you all the best in your future racing endeavours.