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Date: 10/03/14

When it comes to drivers who want protection of their high-performance, modified or imported car, Just Car Insurance have got the cover they need.

Just Car Insurance have reaffirmed their commitment to Australia’s premier sports compact drag racing event, Jamboree, in 2014 and have pledged support for the incredibly popular show’n’shine at both the Sydney and Queensland events.

Just Car Insurance pride themselves on understanding drivers of these types of cars, and have tailored coverage to ensure that these drivers don’t compromise on vehicle insurance coverage.

We caught up with Simon Jreige from Just Car Insurance to chat about their involvement with Jamboree, and why they’re such a good fit for drivers of high-performance, modified and imported cars:

What makes Jamboree stand out on the calendar for Just Car Insurance?

The event allows us to interact with our very niche market - modified street cars, race cars and dedicated show cars. It’s good exposure for us to be able to market directly to these guys, and to be seen to be supporting the scene. Plus the event allows us to encourage people to keep their speed and racing off the streets

Why is the show’n’shine so appealing to Just Car Insurance?

The diversity. We’re flexible in the makes and models of vehicles that we can insure, and we know this will be reflected in the many types of vehicles on display in the show’n’shine

What services make Just Car Insurance particularly well-suited to Jamboree fans?

Our understanding. We’re just as passionate as you are about your car, and understanding this passion helps us
make obtaining accurate and comprehensive insurance coverage for your car easier

What do you think of the event’s new one-day format?

I think it’s great. It’ll allow everyone to enjoy the day more, and give it more of a car festival vibe. It’s definitely going to be action-packed

Will Just Car Insurance have a trade stand or staff at the Sydney and Brisbane events?

We sure will! Whether you’re attending the Sydney or Brisbane events as an entrant, spectator or have something special parked in the show’n’shine, swing by and support the companies that support Jamboree.
For a quote on what your beast/ride/baby/wheels will cost to cover or if you have any general questions, visit the Just Car Insurance stand at Jamboree 2014 or visit