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Date: 1/08/18

Jamboree Australia has announced that the Brand New “Castrol EDGE Workshop Challenge”  will be launched at the 2018 Honeywell Garrett Brisbane Jamboree. The event will be held across August 25/26 at Willowbank Raceway.

The brainchild of Jamboree Australia Director, Collin Willshire, The Workshop Challenge has been on the books for some time now and will be rolled out at the Brisbane Jamboree for the first time.

“The Castrol EDGE Workshop Challenge is designed to create a Workshop Team competition at Jamboree Events between our first class race workshops who are all at the top level of Sport Compact Drag Racing,” Collin said.

“These workshops are the backbone of our sport and are involved in the building or maintaining of many race cars for our racers.

“The competition has been created in such a way that it is fair for all workshops to participate, regardless of size, and all will have a chance to win the prestigious Workshop Challenge Billet J Winner and Runner Up Trophies.

“But is doesn’t stop there .….. Jamboree Australia is very conscious of those in need, so we will be presenting a Cheque of $500 to the winning team which will then be forwarded onto and presented to the Jamboree Australia-nominated Charity in the winning team’s home-base.”

Collin was also delighted to announce that Castrol EDGE has joined in as partner for the Workshop Challenge.

“Castrol Edge is a great brand and a great company to have involved in the Workshop Challenge. Mechanical/Race Car Workshops and Castrol EDGE Oil go hand in hand and we have no doubt that the Workshop Challenge will be a great success story for Castrol EDGE  and their workshop customers Australia wide,” Collin said. 

The Castrol EDGE Workshop Challenge will operate as follows:

- The Castrol EDGE Workshop Challenge will include all nominated workshop competitors from the categories of
  Modified Compact, Street 289, J275, Pro Compact, Pro Turbo and Factory Xtreme
- The competitors participating in the Castrol EGE Workshop Challenge will be approved by each workshop at the close
  of entries for the event
- The Castrol EDGE Workshop Challenge will be conducted during the rounds of racing only. Round winners will score
  five points, losers will score two points, a no show will receive zero points. The workshop competitor who achieves the
  best reaction time in each round of racing in their category will be awarded another three points each round.
- The points scored by each workshop competitor will be added together as a total score for their workshop and will
  then be divided by the total number of competitors in each of the workshop teams to obtain an average score for the
  team. The team with the highest average score is the winner, and the team with the next highest average score will be
  the runner-up.The Castrol EDGE Workshop Challenge competitors will carry a coloured disk on the front/rear
  windscreen so the commentary team and spectators can identify which workshop they are from.

The Castrol EDGE Workshop Challenge will provide a Race within a Race at the Honeywell Garrett Brisbane Jamboree and will be a hotly sought after prize amongst the workshops.

For further information on the Castrol EDGE Workshop Challenge please contact Steve Bettes on 0409 489294 or email