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Date: 02/04/19

Jamboree Australia management was pleased to announce during the 2019 Garrett Advancing Motion Sydney Jamboree the introduction of a new Jamboree Series Champion competition, sponsored by BILLET BY PAC.

The race to become the BILLET BY PAC Jamboree Series Champion will run across all Jamboree Australia events scheduled each year. In 2019, this will be the Sydney Jamboree, the Brisbane Jamboree and the newly-announced Swan Hill Jamboree.

The BILLET BY PAC Jamboree Series Champion winner will receive a cash prize of $5000AUD. The Champion will also receive a large Billet 'J' Trophy!

All Jamboree competitors will be eligible to compete to become the BILLET BY PAC Jamboree Series Champion, which will reward the competitor judged (using a points system) across the Jamboree events in each calendar year to be the top performing driver and team:

  • Round wins - as field sizes vary from three to five rounds of racing at most events and to make sure larger fields are not given an advantage, total round win points will be allocated for each race category
  • Event wins – Event winners and runners up will receive bonus points
  • Best Reaction time average in racing bonus points will be awarded in each category per event
  • Event attendance – each racer will receive bonus points for each event they attend

"At BILLET BY PAC we are very proud to be a part of this exciting new initiative to crown the BILLET BY PAC Jamboree Series Champion".

"As Jamboree grows from strength to strength and with new events such as the Swan Hill Jamboree being added to the calendar, we feel that it is really important to recognise those racers who consistently perform across the year while supporting the Jamboree concept."

Jamboree Australia Director Collin Willshire explained that after each event, the points will be tallied and progress scores will be emailed to all competitors by Jamboree Australia management.

"The BILLET BY PAC Jamboree Series Champion competition is something we are very passionate about and we anticipate it will be something keenly followed as the year progresses," Willshire said.

"Starting from last weekend's Garrett Sydney Jamboree, we can expect some intense rivalries to form as the competitors try and get their hands on the cash prize and of course, a coveted Billet 'J' Trophy."