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Date: 29/08/19

The 2019 Garrett Advancing Motion Brisbane Jamboree has been done and run with perfect weather and plenty of on and off-track excitement.

Street Compact: Freire
Jason Freire ran a 10.749 at 123.66mph in the Cresida to take the win against Nathan Wilson, proving a 0.019 light will win you racing.

All Motor: Jack
Nick Jack in his NA 13b Mazda wagon chased down Troy Ford in the old school VW to take the win at 10.64 at 123mph with a reaction time of .021 to a 12.005 at 112mph, making for one of the closest match races in All Motor for Brisbane Jamboree 2019.

Modified Compact: Butler
It was wheels up from Steven Farrelly who was trying to chase down Robbie Butler in the Modified Compact final. It was a close race but Farrelly was unable to catch Butler who took the win with an 8.99 at 153 mph in his Corolla. Butler was consistent all weekend after a huge wheel stand during testing and with 30 years since his last win it made it even more satisfying.

J315: Thompson
Tanya Thompson and James Horan took to the J315 finals like David vs Goliath, with an early shut off from Horan the luck went Thompsons way with a 8.11 win at 168mph. Horan had been consistent all weekend as top qualifier and the lowest E.T. of 7.329 but the luck didn’t go his way in the final.

J275: Coles
In a battle of the Holdens, Andrew Coles from Spot On Performance chopped Adrian Smith at the lights to secure the win at 7.826 at 180mph. Coles dedicated the win to fellow racer from the Spot On Performance stables Anthony Briggs after his huge crash on the Saturday of the event leaving him in hospital.

Street 289: McDade
In Street 289 two heavy hitters took to the stage with Jono McDade running a 8.486 at 161mph in the Nissan S14 securing the win from Andrew Robinson in his RMS powered Mazda 808.

Extreme: Romanin
Fabian Romanin took home the Darryl Marsh memorial trophy with a 7.936 at 173.41 in the twin turbo small block Mazda Capella against Rodney Williams in the one of a kind Supercharged Barra powered altered. It was super charged versus twin turbo charged weapons in the final, Williams in his new car powered to the finish line but the Capella had the top end charge handing Fabian the win.

Modified 10.5: Herbert
Long-time Jamboree competitor and icon Shane Chrichton didn’t have luck on his side in the finals, bumping in to stage a little too far and handing the win over to new comer Karl Herbert, who still ran an 8.489 at 163mph in RX3 . Chricton in the Cressida did take out top speed of the event, and although he was disappointed in the red light he was still happy with his runs over the Jamboree weekend.

Pro Compact: Bettes
Kelly Bettes, between organising the event and making sure the event ran smoothly made her come back in the Datsun 1200 ute after a full season racing Top Fuel. Bettes took out Simon Joannou in his rotary powered rx8 with a 7.333 at 161mph in the toughest Pro Compact field in Australian history.

Rodney Rehayem had the lowest E.T. and top speed and was also moved to the top of fastest 13b rotaries in Australia after a huge back and forward battle between Pac Performance and Steven Barnett.

Pro Turbo: Bell
The two automatic 6 bangers were ready to battle it out, with Tom Bell taking the win after Jason Payne blew the back tires off on the start line and headed towards the wall. Bell secured a 7.04 at 198mph as the 2jz Gemini blazed the Willowbank strip for the win.

Factory Xtreme: Hagenson
Nathan Hagenson with an impressive 6.294 at 223.69 mph took out top qualifier Joe Signorelli in the 2jz Toyota. It wasn’t all bad for Signorelli who claimed the world record for an automatic import in the second last round of racing.