Date: 21/02/20

Check out the Questions and Answers below!

You own one of the baddest turbo door cars in the world! What made you want to buy this car, and how do you like it compared to cars you’ve driven before?
I always wanted to build or purchase a Pro Mod Car so I would keep my eye out for what cars were available. The car being part of the CV performance racing family I was there from when it was on the drawing board to being underneath it changing gearboxes when it set a world record run at the street car nations in Vegas in 2015. The car actually wasn’t for sale, but the boys knew I wanted to go in that direction and the opportunity arose to purchase it. It ticked all the boxes for what I wanted and as you say, it was and is the Badest V8 turbo car in the country!
This car doesn’t compare to anything I have driven before, it’s a totally different animal!

You’ve certainly done some laps in the car by now… tell us what it was like to get used to driving this car and now what your PB’s are, speed and ET?
Forget anything you thought you knew on how to drive a drag car and start again. Pro Mod cars are a totally different beast! I set my mind one the job, focus on getting it done and most of all trust my crew. A big part is I am surrounded by people that are champions, have big knowledge and experience and I just listen and piece it all together to get the job done as best as possible I can. PB’s is 5.61 and speed PB is 273.9mph

How are you feeling about competing in the car at Sydney Jamboree, looks like you have some pretty tough competition!? Who do you really want to beat!?
Jamboree is the pinnacle Turbo car event in the Australia so I’m always excited to be able to race it! We have some good cars entered in Pro Mod so the racing should be pretty tight! I think Pro Mod will put on a great show and it seems we have a good mix of Turbo and Blower cars. Who do I want to Beat? Everyone I line up next too at the start line.

What are your goals for the car and team coming in to Sydney Jamboree?
We have made several changes to the car in recent times. A lot of people wouldn’t know, but the car is very different to what it was when I first purchased it. We have been focusing on developing a program to make the car consistently going down the track every time in an effort to conserve parts and win races instead of just being a 1 hit wonder. So far we have been pretty happy with the progress of the program and how the car is responding. We can definitely turn the car up to run really fast if we want to! But at this stage, our focus is to make the car/engine super reliable.
Our goal is to be consistently into the 5.6’s at Sydney Jamboree and maybe wiggle out a 5.5 as a Hollywood pass if all stars aline.

Tell us about the team of people you have behind the car.
The crew chief is Con Elfes from CV performance. Spanner crew chief is Vic Elfes CV Performance. My main man on the car in the shed is Bob Chapman. From engine to diff and suspension setup its Bob and I that work it out and manage it. My Right and Left hand guys on the car is Andrew Terziovski and Michael Klocovski. And my race day track support is John Elfes and Anthony (Kinezo) Nguyen CV Performance. Everyone has a role and we all have each other’s backs but most of all these guys have my back. Big Thank you to CV Performance and my crew guys… they make it all happen as good as it does! It’s never a one man show!