Date: 21/05/20

Jamboree Australia has been closely monitoring the current COVID19 situation in the country. While we had high hopes that the 2020 Garrett Brisbane Jamboree, August 22-23, may have still gone ahead, the restrictions being kept in place by State and Federal Governments and border closures in place, possibly for months, are going to make it almost impossible for us to hold The Jamboree event in August at Willowbank Raceway.

After many discussions between Jamboree Management, Local Councils, Willowbank Raceway and with the support of our Partners we have considered all options for the event. We believe the best outcome for the Jamboree Event, for the Jamboree Partners, Competitors and the Fans is to unfortunately cancel the 2020 Brisbane Jamboree.

We are extremely disappointed having to take this action, as a lot of Motorsport Events are around the country and the World, but, for the good of all our supporters we see no other option at this stage.

We now look forward to 2021 and hopefully a much brighter year for the world where our Garrett Sydney Jamboree will take place on 20th March at Sydney Dragway and Garrett Brisbane Jamboree in August at Willowbank Raceway!

We would like to say a big Thank you to everyone who has supported the event in 2020 and stayed positive throughout this unprecedented time. 2020 has certainly been a challenging year and we hope 2021 will bring big things for us all!

All competitor entries purchased for the 2020 Garrett Brisbane Jamboree will be fully refunded.

Entries which were transferred over from the 2020 Sydney Jamboree will now be moved to a competitor entry for the 2021 Garrett Sydney Jamboree.

The Jamboree Test Days, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday will also be cancelled, and all entries for these days will be fully refunded.

Any further enquiries email or refer to our website for information