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Date: 25/08/14

The rolling changes for Brisbane Jamboree keep coming. With the successful introduction of the Just Car Motive DVD Drift Exhibition at the Sydney Jamboree back in March, we are proud to be including the exhibition as part of the Brisbane Jamboree's 1 day formate.

“We want to expose the sport drag racing to as many enthusiasts as possible, and one of the best ways we can do that is to diversify. I can’t think of an event in the history of Jamboree where people will get more bang for their buck than at the Brisbane Jamboree come this Saturday, August 30.

As part of a collaboration between Sports Compact Group and Australian Drifting Grand Prix (ADGP)/Motive DVD front man Andrew Hawkins, the Willowbank Raceway Scrutineering area will come to life with the sound of highly-strung engines and tortured rubber as some of the country’s best drifters duke it out in a specially-designed demo’ course.

“There’s no denying that the action is squarely on-track at a Jamboree event, but we’re always trying to lift the bar in terms of what we offer for off-track entertainment, and I think a drifting display in the pits really raises the stakes!”

ADGP Promoter Hawkins explains, "After the success of the Drifting Exhibition at the Sydney Jamboree in March, we are super pumped to be able to bring the experience to the Brisbane Jamboree!“

“Drifting is great for the public to watch in quick, small doses and at Brisbane Jambo’ that’s what we’ll be going for – a custom-designed track and at least eight pro drifters from around the country doing Top 8 comps and some hard-fought battles for the crowd.

“To be clear, this isn’t going to just be a bunch drifters doing donuts, this is going to be a professional demo’ that allows spectators to get right up close to the action and still be totally safe,” exclaims Andrew in his usual highly excitable manner. Check out the 2014 Brisbane Jamboree Preview that includes some of the Drifting action from the Sydney Jamboree.

For more information keep your eyes peeled on and the Jamboree Facebook page.