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GT-R ET Shootout

Class Designations: GTR preceded by car number.

GT-R Class open to all R32-R35 GT-Rs from street to the elite.
Pro Street and True Street Classes.
This class is racing the time clock only.

Saturday – Qualifying Runs – 3 sessions to determine quickest to slowest based on ET.
Sunday – GTR ET Shootout – Cars will be paired on Sunday based on the Saturday qualifying sessions as follows 1 v 2, 3 v 4, 5 v 6, 7 v 8 and so on. It’s not about win or lose it is 3 shots at the clock, 2 cars at a time.

Billet J Trophies awarded Sunday as follows:

PRO Street Quickest ET on Sunday

Quickest 3 litre Block Manual
Quickest 3 litre Block Auto
Quickest 2.6 litre Block Manual
Quickest 2.6 litre Block Auto

R35 GT-R Competitors - Please refer to GT-R HUB regulations

Compliance – All cars must comply with IHRA Safety regulations and licences as well as category regulations as per the following link