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Date: 18/03/16

Precision TurboWolf EMS take logging tech to the next level with the V550

With all the technology available to engine tuners and racers today, running at the cutting edge is not only desirable, it’s achievable. The Wolf data logging system allows for full engine data to be captured and viewed with no preset figures on what you can capture. Just set the data logger going and analyse it when you’re done.

With the release of the Wolf Connect CAN system, the data logging took a new angle, allowing up to 16 EGT channels to be logged as well as all the engine data plus any of the inputs being used in the Wolf.

Take a look at a salt lake car we run with a turbo LS engine in it. We monitor the in and out of the water to air intercooler. This is important as the temperatures on the salt can be in excess of 40C while racing.

Precision TurboWe also do a lot of drift cars and in the example of Aaron Dewar’s S14 we monitor EGTs and engine parameters plus nitrous bottle pressure. While monitoring this we are also taking actions against any failures such as altering the tune in regards to nitrous bottle temp or even to the point of engine safety so that if the oil pressure drops, the nitrous will shut off.

It all comes down to this; do you want an Engine Management System that runs your engine, or do you want a management system to help you win races? The Wolf V550 data logger can provide both!

For full details and specifications on the Wolf V550 data logger and the complete range of high quality Wolf Engine Management Systems products, visit