Date: 08/03/22

Mario Rehayem is stepping things up with his racing program in 2022!
From a short wheel based little rocket to a purpose-built longer wheelbase Pro Car, Mario explains how nervous he is compared to how his comfort levels were in the starlet!
Q&A Below!!

👉 What are the details of the car… chassis, engine, trans, diff etc, does the car have a name? .

MR: The car is a Mazda 3. The vehicle now houses a Billet by PAC 20b with 3 Garret turbos hanging off the exhaust side. It has a T400 transmission with all the latest fruit from the one and only AL’s race glides. The engine and transmission electronics are managed via a Motec.
I have named the vehicle TRINITY! Trinity holds a very deep meaning in the Christian faith but also suited this car for another reason… Trinity also means the Power of Three …It’s a Mazda 3, powered by 3 rotors and 3 turbos … it was the perfect name in my opinion.

👉 Where did you purchase the vehicle from and how has the process been to get it to Australian shores?

MR: The vehicle originally started out as a Stroupe Pontiac GTO, originally built for Keith Haney to campaign in the Top Sportsman’s class in the US. The Palumbo family purchased the car from the US and I purchased it from them.

👉 What performance results are you hoping for with the car?

MR: I obviously want to push the car to its limits, and hopefully take the world record title for quickest 20b auto.. In saying this my main aim is to be consistently fast… that was a highlight for me when I raced the Starlet.

👉 You are entered into the Factory Xtreme bracket at Sydney Jamboree, what your plans in the lead up with getting track time etc?

MR: Unfortunately between my work commitments and the weather it doesn’t look like I will get any seat time besides at the testing days prior to the Jamboree event… this is a huge ask considering I have never raced the car before and we don’t know how the chassis and suspension will react with a rotary set up (previously set up for a V8)… but I guess that’s part of racing… main thing is we go out and have fun and come home safely.
👉 How are you feeling about stepping up from the little starlet, short wheelbase car to a longer wheelbase faster car?

MR: I am actually nervous; everyone believes the new car will be so much easier to steer etc but I actually felt very comfortable being crammed into the starlet… I am looking forward to some seat time which I am sure will settle my nerves quickly and I will be back to my old habits of big burnouts and high boost /high rpm 2-Step action.

MR: I would like to thank the special group of people that assisted me with the car…
PAC Performance – The guys have literally rebuilt the entire car from front to back. George Rehayem has spent an enormous amount of his time guiding the build to its finished product… without the team at PAC Performance I would never have delivered such a well thought out combination.
They are the best in their field and are apply an unrivalled passion into everything they do.
Danny Makdessi from Custom Body works… I cannot put into words the level of class this guy delivers. When you see the car in the flesh you will appreciate what I am saying… his work is flawless.
Alex Makdessi from Al’s race glides… My gearbox in the starlet was unbreakable and AL has stepped it up a notch with this gearbox combination. there is only one guy I trust with transmissions and that is ALEX!
Jim from SPEEDY DIFFS was quick to place a new set of gears in the diff and gave it the once over… Jim is a trustworthy and very reliable guy.
Nathan Vlotis from Connexion concepts for the immaculate wiring throughout the vehicle powering the Motec.

See Mario at the Garrett Sydney Jamboree – March 26 – Sydney Dragway!